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Preparing for Wedding

Step 1: Start with the basics
Are you sure you want to get married?!! 

Step 2: Type of wedding
If you answered Yes to Step 1, then you have to decide what kind of wedding: Religious or Civil? 

Step 3a: Religious Bureaucracy
Before starting the preparations for the organization of your wedding, make sure you go through the correct procedure to obtain a license.
The documents you need and which should be submitted to the parish church where the wedding is celebrated:
  1. Certificate of celibacy from the parish of the place of last residence of the intending spouses.
  2. Post the wedding Banns in a daily newspaper (in two different daily newspapers).
  3. Fee of € 15 green (par value of 14.67 euros) from the Treasury.
  4. If one of the couple is not getting married for the time, they must produce either a death/divorce certificate from the Metropolis Church to indicate the extent of the last marriage.
Once finished with the Publication marriage and after the ceremony you must a) The statement of marriage in the population register of the municipality where you reside and b) The portion Open family by marriage, and it would not neglect to change your Identity at the Police.

Step 3b: Civil Bureaucracy
If you answered Yes in Step 1 and 3b in Step 2, you are to "walk back and you start to run." Before starting the preparations for the organization of your wedding, make sure the procedural to issue licenses.
A little humor
Before the wedding ...

He: Yes. At last. I could not wait any longer.
She: Do you want me to leave?
He: Yes. Do not even think about it!
She: Do you love me?
He: Of course! Over and over!
She: Have you ever cheated?
He: Of course not!
She: Will you kiss me?
She: Will you hit me?
He: Are you crazy? I'm not that kind ofguy!
She: Can I trust you?
He: Yes.
She: Darling!

After the wedding ... Just re-read from bottom to top!

The Organization of the Wedding
The organization is the B and Z of a successful wedding, because A is the determination of the budget. All the rest will depend on this. Estimate your budget by adding 20% for​​contingencies. Be prepared that you will certainly exceed the original budget, because there will always be something you haven’t accounted for.
After determining the budget continue with these steps (but remember that the ceremony is the most important thing):
  1. Set the wedding date
  2. Select church
  3. Invitations
  4. Church decoration
  5. Favors
  6. Wedding List
  7. Transfer of the bride
  8. Photography, Video
  9. Reception


Step 1: Select Style
Cosmic. Simple. Official. Humorous. Playful. Impressive. Demonstrative. Romantic. Erotic. Choose the style that suits you and everything will become much easier.

Step 2: Choose a topic
After you select a style, it's time to choose the theme, this will help even more to save time and money. Discuss your ideas with the right professional, the one you have chosen.

Step 3: Select venue
The style and theme will even help you in the selection of a venue. The space available for carrying out the ceremony and the event is varied. Country estates, Hotels, Playgrounds, Tavernas, Restaurants, Beaches are all available to choose from. You will need to decide on practical issues such as: The proximity of the venue for the event to that of the church?

Step 4: Choose the right professional
The choice of the right professional to help arrange your wedding is one of the most important parameters for success. Avoid using the term "supplier" because in this case we need a professional who will stand by you from the beginning to end.

Step 5: Make the guest list
Write a list of all the names ... even your own! Include parents, relatives, friends, colleagues. Request a list from best man/woman, the fathers and mothers.

The Psychologist

Focus on the phrase: "There is no way to please everyone" and "This day is ours and we should enjoy." This statement will help you to have more over a good time and enjoy your wedding. Remember, this is your wedding and you have the last word on all decisions. So do it your way.


If the manners and customs of your ancestors does not reflect you, do not succumb. Remember the psychologist’s statement: "This day is ours and we should enjoy it." Your wedding is not the right time to pay tribute to tradition.

The Reception

Usually 50% of a wedding budget is used up with the costs of the reception, so it is important to work with professionals who will help you make your ideas reality.
Keep the style and theme you have chosen right the way through to the reception: from site selection, decor, the menu, even the service of the food and the choice of the music.

The Organization

Tip: Assign the creation of materials to one professional only, otherwise it will lead to delays with disastrous results. Invitations, Favors, Decoration, etc. are elements of an integrated approach from the same supplier.

It all starts with the invitation
After we’ve prepared our list and booked the ceremony and the venue we go to the next step, the ordering of invitations. The selection, printing, preparation and distribution of invitations is easy and so this must be done promptly. We need to allow 1.5 to 2 months to complete the process from the moment you start looking for the right professional to the time of shipment. You should bear in mind that you need to send the invitations at least 20 days to 1 month before the wedding. In the meantime you need to: Book the right professional, talk about your ideas and select the right proposal, pick the design, get them printed, written and sent to all your guests.

If your wedding is far from home or some quests need to stay over be sure to notify them in advance, so everyone will have time to organize.

Tip 1: For your close friends and family who live locally, you should deliver the invitation personally.
Tip 2: Be sure to print more items (+10% at least), because you will always remember someone a few days before the wedding.
Tip 3: Print small cards - on the same paper as the invitation - to send a thank you letter for gifts and presents to all those who honored you.
Tip 4: Protocol says that parents invite quests to their children’s wedding. However the choice is up to the couple.

The decoration of the church and / or table
The decoration is governed by the style and character and the idea that we have chosen. This is all discussed, planned and agreed on a couple of months before the ceremony. We make sure we have a clear and complete picture of everything we are offering. We are never content to simply say “Don’t worry everything will be wonderful." A lot of hard work and planning goes into making sure that it is.

The favors (see note how to calculate the right number) should be ordered at the same time as the invitations, so as to avoid problems with delays or shortages of materials. The pick up is scheduled a week before the wedding, so you will have room to correct any mistakes.

Note: The correct amount for favors depends on the number of invitations. For example if you print 600 invitations (this means that you expect approx. 1200 people) you would have to order 1000 favors. If you print 300 invitations (600 people) order 600 favors, and if you print 30 invitations (60 people) to order 70 favors.

The best man's/woman’s gift
Let's not leave it to the last minute. To be creative and choose the right gift , ask for help, use the "intelligence" of so called friends, girlfriends, parents, aunts, etc., in order to know the tastes and needs of the best man/woman. It is wrong to buy the gift based on your own desires. To offer a gift that we know someone will like is a very honorable gesture.

The audiovisual coverage
Photography and Video have now entered our daily lives. Most households have a camera with high megapixels and a good digital video camera. Technology makes life much easier, but - God forbid - do not cover the ceremony with your own camera!! Engage a professional and discuss with them exactly what you want and how you would like it presented. For example, your photographs can be displayed in many original ways and the video can become a real life short movie. Make a few copies and donate to people who want them.

Small details
Specify the people who will hand out the favors and the rice. Arrange accommodation for your guests who come from far away, because they honor you by making such a long trip.

The selection of the best men/woman

One, two or more - the best man, maid of honor or the best men - according to tradition come from your circle of friends. We respect our friend by asking them to join us together in matrimony which strengthens our bond of friendship. In modern times it is not unusual to select the best men/woman from a position of high standing, e.g. politicians etc., a phenomenon that is not consistent with the concept of wedding, as a holy service, but as a relationship.

SavoirVivre: The best man/woman’s responsibilities are not small, nor is it an insignificant cost, for this reason the couple should be flexible to preferences and desires. In any case when we honor our friends with the role of best man/woman we should trust them and not have unreasonable demands.

Obligations of the best man/woman

Things to buy
The financial obligations of the best man/woman are: the wedding crowns, the candles and to pay the church. Note: In some parts of Greece, the best man/woman also pay for the favors. It‘s optional if they also pay for the tray on which the crowns are placed, together with a few sugared almonds, a glass and a bottle of red wine. In some areas of the country, such as in Epirus, the mother of the bride brings the wine to the church.

The choice for selecting the crowns and candles can be a joint decision with the couple, to match the style of their wedding. It is more enjoyable for everyone if the best man/woman takes an active role in the wedding organization.br>
Before or after the ceremony you sign the marriage register together with the couple and pay for the ceremony, which here in Greece varies from church to church!!

Do not forget to buy a gift for the home of the newlyweds.

The ceremony and after
On the wedding day the best man/woman accompanies the groom to the church. During the ceremony the best man/woman stands beside the groom, holding a candle. With hands clasped they exchange the rings and in the same way exchange the crowns, while the priest blesses the couple. After the ceremony he/she stands with the couple when they great their guests and escorts them for the rest of the reception. He/she accompanies them for the photographs, transfers them to the reception, sits with them at the head table and at the end drives them home or to the airport for their honeymoon.

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