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We get inspired by your dream!

Xeiropoiein is a Greek word in Latin characters, meaning made by hand.

At Xeiropoiein ... no object is the same as another. Like any dream is not the same as another!

We know everything about weddings and baptisms, but we have chosen to concentrate on what we know well: to create unique items, each different from each other and to offer you, our customers the uniqueness of handmade items together with first class personal service.

After 12 years of operation, nearly 2000 customers, have chosen us, because we know how to decorate and tell in a unique way the tale of marriage and baptism.

Our sole supplier is Mother Nature, who produces the materials we use. Inspired by your dream, our craftsmen give form, shape and color to glass, wood, metal, clay, paper, cloth and silk.

This "electronic report" will show some samples of what we create. At our meeting you will realize that everything is different.